What is Academic English


13 Jan, 2020

Do you know English? You must be confident in making use of General English language which is used in everyday situations.


But, the kind of English language which you shall know for the purpose of studies is rather different. We call it “Academic English.”


This is needed for


  • Understanding study material
  • Read course-specific journals / books / magazines
  • Describe your research in written words / writing about your subject


The use of Academic English has now become very common. If you are a student studying in a foreign country, you are required to make use of proper language which is recommended at academic level. For under-graduate, post-graduate or research students, it is very much necessary that they shall know of how to use academic language.


Certainly, it is different from everyday spoken English.


You can’t describe a situation using general English when you are expected to describe it as a part of question in your exam. You need to know how to describe processes, explain things, describe how something works in formal language.


In Academic English, expressing the relationship between ideas is important. It can be much more complex. A good academic writer will present things in a clear, concise and simple manner. They will think of their readers first. They will write making use of formal or informal language but the tone will always remain consistent.


Not all the students have this ability to write in academic style. It is a technique which every student has to develop. Suppose, you are a research student. As a research student you will have to record the research performed by you. You will have to describe your ideas in a much better way. You can’t submit your work unless or until you make it look much better. Each and every sentence shall be perfect.


You will have to focus on right Vocabulary, Grammar and presentation style.


A course in Academic English will help you learn so many things.


You will learn how to speak making use of polite and casual language which is used in academic situations, how to write more effectively (paraphrasing, structuring an essay etc.).


Certain words like Abandon, Abstract, collapse, contrary, hierarchy, discriminate, integral, isolate are used while in written English. They do not look good or may also confuse people, if you use them while you are talking to people.


When you wish to say thanks, you can simply say, “Thanks a lot.”


But, there is another way of saying that: “I appreciate your assistance.”


This may sound very formal. It is written, or rather rewritten taking the central idea from “Thanks a lot.”


Instead of making use of the word “Sorry” you have this option to write as follows:


“Accept my apologies for….”


The above expression sound very formal and it is rightly regarded as Academic English.


Similarly, “Can I Help You?” is equivalent to “Please, state your business.”


The first expression, “Can I help you?” is informal whereas the second expression “Please, state your business” is formal.


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