Academics and Jobs in Ireland


14 Aug, 2017

  • The second largest island of all the British isles, Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle of Europe for all the good reasons. The mesmerizing beautiful green countryside with far-off stretched fertile farmlands covering much of the central part of the country for pasture and not to forget the mighty mountains near its coasts. The Eire is truly blessed!

    Oh! what’s Eire you ask?

    Well, in its ancient language Gaelic, Ireland is called Eire after the name of the goddess of country’s lands and sovereignty. Interesting right?

    Now that you are fairly introduced to the beautiful “Eire-land”; in the passages to come, you will read about the country’s education system, the top universities and finally post-study work opportunities.

    Ireland’s Education System at a Glance:

    To begin with, let us tell you that Ireland has not only one of the world’s but country’s oldest university functioning still in its splendour- The Trinity College Dublin, established in 1592!
    The education system of Ireland is classified as - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary or Higher Education. It is mandatory for all children to receive primary level of education beginning from the ages of six to sixteen till the completion of three years of secondary level along with one Junior Certificate examination.

    In the words of former United States representative, Ron Lewis,

    “Ensuring Quality Higher Education is one of the most important things we can do for our future generations.”

    There is no denying the fact that Ireland gives due weightage and importance to its Higher Education system. Let us see how…

    Higher Education in Ireland:

    The tertiary or higher level of education in Ireland begins after completing secondary level and is open to international aspirants as well. Offered mainly by 7 Universities, 14 Institutes of Technology, including the Dublin Institute of Technology and 7 Colleges of Education, Ireland’s higher education system is quite systematic and well focussed at enhancing the R&D and skill development of the country in an efficient and fair manner.
    Securing your entry into higher education universities and institutions can be done through the CAO or Central Applications Office where it eliminates the need to apply to individual universities. Students aspiring for higher education in Ireland must know that each university has a minimum requirement like a pass grade in either English or Irish, as well as maths. Furthermore, each individual course of your choosing also carries further entry requirements.

    We know you want to know about the universities, but just hold on yet!

    Post-Study Work Visa and related opportunities…

    Acting as an icing on the cake is the new reform brought by the Irish Government in the 'stay back option', an extension from previous 12 months to now 24 months. That means students, especially Indians, can now put up an extra 12 months in Ireland and look out for prospects to join Irish Workforce contributing to country’s talent pool!

    Students aspiring to study in Ireland have ample opportunities to work in the multinationals that have based their headquarters in the country allowing students to begin their careers with blowing trumpets. The companies that happen to be your post-study work opportunities include: Google, Yahoo, Linkedin, Facebook, AirBnB, Pfizer, PayPal and many other esteemed names.

    Yes we remember our above mentioned promise to give you a brief glimpse of the top universities in Ireland.

    Top Universities to Pitch for!!

    According to QS world university rankings of 2016following are the top centers for your consideration for your higher education:

    • Trinity College Dublin - ranks 98

    • University College Dublin - ranks 176

    • National University of Ireland, Galway - ranks 249

    • University College Cork - ranks 283

    But that’s not all about Ireland! In tune with the growing international student population in Ireland, we will be delving into more details on some of the popular study destinations in Ireland as a complete guide to study in Ireland.

    Stay tuned!