OET Top Five Tips To Crack It The Smart Way


16 Dec, 2019

Medical Professionals who would like to work in Australia will have to get through the test called OET - Occupational English Test.

But, wait, is this the test of medical knowledge?

Let there be no confusion about it. It is important to mention here that OET is being designed and developed to assess English language of the medical practitioners. It is in no way a test of medical knowledge or what medical practitioners know about their profession. So, this means, your grades may not help you get through it but it would just be the language that you know. (Questions are never framed with the view to assess what the candidates know about their profession. Questions are set with more focus on assessing the comprehension skills, grammar which candidates know).

OET Training - Self Preparation v/s Instructor-led Training

Well, as a medical professional, it would certainly be hard to find time to go and attend classes at one of the institutions that specialized in providing OET training. Well, those who can manage can certainly have the option to get instructor-led training but for all those who do not have such option can go for self preparation. Yes, it can help. But, it would require constant dedication and perseverance. It would be necessary to understand more about what the test is and do what is expected rather than do something that can bring no good score.

For instance, OET reading is all about testing the reading and comprehension capabilities. Often, questions are not given in simple manner. Do not expect that it would be easier to trace the answer taking a few of the words or main phrases from the question. No, it may not be so simple. One will have to understand the meaning behind the questions in order to get to the answers.

So, what is Required for Effective OET Self Preparation?

Well, good preparation depends upon the type of OET study material you will be using. Make sure that you buy OET study material that is prepared by the experts. Do not just think that any OET self-preparation kit will work for you. It would be good to take at look what all you may get when buy any such material online or offline. Check out what you will get for the amount you are going to pay.

  • Has it been prepared by experts?
  • Do you know about the authors? Do they have also authored other OET books?
  • Who is the publisher of the OET self preparation kit?
  • Is it a complete package with questions and answer?
  • Does it have answers in simple and easy-to-understand English?
  • Does it provide explanatory notes for each answer?
  • Does it provide you the necessary tips too?
  • Does it have listening test scripts too? (because, if there is any difficulty in understanding the listening tests then you can always have the option to check out the scripts to understand more about the test).
  • Does it have all essential practice tests prepared as per the latest OET standards?
  • Does it provide keys for all sub-tests - writing, listening, speaking and reading or just a few?

Wrong selection may lead to failure

Remember, when you are preparing yourself for it without undergoing any special classes then it is crucial that you make right decision about the type of material you need. Your OET test Material should be unique, should be as per the latest OET standards.