Agree Disagree -Some people believe laws change human behaviour.


12 Jan, 2020

21. Some people believe laws change human behaviour. Do you agree with it?
Laws are made by the government to ensure peace and harmony among people. But as it is said rules are meant to be broken .

Firstly , wearing helmets by bicycle and two wheeler riders is made compulsory by the government . This rule is made so that if they meet with an accident their heads are protected. Similarly , wearing a seatbelt while driving is also mandatory . For long these rules existed but not followed always . In recent times when fines were introduced for breaking these laws , we now see everybody obediently following the same rules.

Secondly , punishments like imprisonment , life sentence , death sentence etc  are made so that it acts as a deterrent for not indulging in illegal activities . Hence , people due to fear of these punishments abstain from activities that may disturb the laws in a society. In the absence of these punishments people would have done anything they desire at the cost of the peace of  the people around them .

Thirdly , rules are made for appropriate vehicle parking . Especially in and around shopping centres and theatres where there is a crowd of people visiting the place, wrong parking can result in a chaotic situation causing a traffic of vehicles on the road . But since fines are applied to wrong parking , drivers see to that they park their vehicles in parking areas only.

To conclude , I strongly believe law changes human behavior . They are needed for the smooth running and functioning of the country .