Increasing Levels of Crime Essay by Param sandhu


13 Jan, 2020

In many cities crime is increasing.

Why do you think this is happening?

What can governments do to help reduce crime levels?

In numerous of cities crime is growing up. I think, due to the lack of education and poverty rates, crime is happening. However, although crime is a worse problem in the cities, governments can reduce it by providing job opportunities and by implementing some stringent laws against criminals.

Number of factors contribute in the inclining rates of crime. Firstly, since the rate of poverty has increased, people are following the path of crime because they do have not any source of earning money therefore masses indulge in the crime. For example, a recent study in India showed that majority of criminals had belonged to poor families. Secondly, lack of education is also the reason of crime, being uneducated folks cannot get jobs at the respected field of works and without education they have not specific knowledge about living in the society and behave with others. Which finally leads them on the path of crime.

Higher authorities can taken some steps to reduce the crime. First and foremost, free education must be available for the children who come from the poor families. So, they can make their future better by gaining vast amount of knowledge and experiences from the study institutions. However, governments should also create more jobs related to all fields such as in the factories, where even illiterate people can work and earn some amount of money. Last but not least, criminals should be penalized with stringent punishments which can set an example in front of others and force them to avoid to choosing paths of crime.

In conclusion, though crime is increasing at alarming rate, owing to the lack of job opportunities and poverty. But I think governments may solve this by providing some facilities and enacting the laws.