Quick Tips to Score high in ‘Answer Short Question’


16 Dec, 2019

The Pearson Test of English Academic or PTE Academic as it is commonly called is a test of English as a language for non-native English speakers. The test is recognized by several institutions, governments, and organizations.

Understanding the PTE Test

The PTE test aims at testing Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills of a candidate. The entire test lasts for 3 hours (in a single session), is computer-based and is taken in a recognized PTE test center. Since the tests are graded by a computer, the results are delivered online in 5 working days.

The test is divided into three broad sections — Writing and speaking (combined); Reading and Listening. While there are multiple subsections to each of these three, here we will discuss ‘Answer Short Questions’ that fall under the Speaking and Writing section that lasts for about 77 to 93 minutes.

Diligent practice and good test material are two important factors that can make or mar your PTE test score. The use of PTE Vouchers is highly recommended while registering for the exam. It does not just save you a lot of money but also promises excellent study material.

Understanding the ‘Answer Short Questions’ section

Under the Speaking and Writing section of the PTE Exam, you will have ‘Answer Short Questions’. This section of the test aims mainly at testing the listening and speaking skills of an exam candidate. Besides being the most interesting section, it is also one that is quite scoring and requires the candidate to be specific and precise. In the simplest terms, one is expected to remember the two Ps-Precise and Prompt!

There are about 10 to 12 questions that need to be answered in a word or two. These pertain to day to day, general facts and do not require any specialized knowledge of a subject.

What to expect?

In this section, an audio recording is used to play the question to the exam candidate. You will get only 10 seconds to answer the question and that too in a word or two. Once the audio ends, the current status on the screen will flash ‘Recording’. This is the right time to speak your answer precisely and promptly so it gets recorded well. It is important to note that if you do not answer for up to 3 seconds once the recording starts, the current status automatically changes to ‘Completed’ and you cannot record your answer after that. So remember, not to take any more than 1 to 2 seconds to answer a question.

So when you hear a question like ‘What are the mountains that can erupt?’ simply answer, ‘Volcanoes’ instead of answering ‘they are called Volcanoes’! 

It will get you the same marks in both the answers but you will also end up saving a couple of seconds in the first one.

Some Common Tips to keep in mind

‘Answer Short Questions’ remains one of the simplest and the most scoring section in a PTE Test. While it does not require any specialized knowledge, a few tips and a little common sense can go a long way in helping a candidate score well.

Here are a few of them.

  1. Be Prompt and Precise

Remember, you have just 10 seconds to answer a question. You have to be prompt and precise to answer it. You can neither afford to over-think nor can you answer in long sentences and waste your time.

It is also important to note that if you take longer than 3 seconds to record your answer, the current status of audio will change to ‘completed’ and you will not able to record your answer. So ensure that you do not take a long pause before answering the question.

  1. Check your first answer

Do not be perplexed and try to look for a better answer. Since the questions in this section are based on general knowledge and relate to day to day facts, they have the most simple answers. Most often, the first answer that comes to the mind is also the correct answer.

  1. Listen carefully

Since the section is all about assessing the listening and speaking skills of exam candidates, ensure that you are using both of these wisely. Listen to the answer very carefully so you do not miss out on any detail. And then answer it promptly and coherently to crack it. Start PTE Practice with mock tests its good for you, So it helps to increases your speaking score and view sample of question answer.

  1. Visualize your question

This is one of the best advice you can get for this section! The trick is to visualize the question as it gets played in the recording. This makes a question much clearer. It also makes it much easier to guess the correct answer and put it in words immediately.

  1. Keep your mind Calm

Last but not least, keep calm! The most common errors that have been noticed in this section are often also the silliest ones! Even though the questions asked here are very simple and straight forward, the candidates answer them incorrectly because they are panic-struck and get confused. If you can keep your calm, listen to the question attentively and answer coolly, half of your battle is won.

Answer Short Questions’ is one of the most interesting sections of the entire PTE Academic test as it is all about the general awareness of a candidate. But there is a catch as well…

Do not forget that you can only listen to the question once and also you can record your answer only once!

PTE Essay Writing Tips for the PTE Aspirants

PTE or Pearson Test of English is one ladder that can help you reach the success sky. This English proficiency test is world-renowned and considered as a trusted way to check the English language mastery of a non-native speaker. If you want to open a whole new world of opportunities for self, perform well in all its sections & score big in the PTE exam. 

Out of all, the essay writing section of the exam is the most underrated. The mind of every PTE aspirant speaks: 

Oh, Essay writing! No need to worry as I am doing it since 5th grade’.

But when the scorecard comes, it’s this section only which grabs the least marks. Though essay writing seems a mere task from the surface, there are many hidden caveats.

For example, PTE aspirants think that if they can exceed beyond the said word limit (200-300) then they can fetch more marks which are not true. This thinking was able to save your neck until the time you were doing your higher secondary education. At this level, it is only going to harm you. 

Like this, there are many more pre-conceived notions about easy writing that hinders an aspirant’s performance by all means. If you are also going to appear in the PTE exam and what to come up with the flying colors then you should refer this PTE essay writing tips for sure. 

The backstage preparation 

Understand the pattern 

You can only score big in PTE essay writing only if you know about the points to ponder. Your essay will be judged on seven pointers –

  1. How to-the-point your essay content is? PTE Writing off-the-point is what leads to a zero in the scorecard. 

  1. How diligently you are meeting with the formal requirement? If the word limit is 200-300 then only you will score a point. Anything less than 120 or more than 380 will clearly fetch a 0 no matter how relevant the content is. 

  1. How good are essay development, coherence, and structure? in this section, the test evaluator checks, how clear is the essay argument. Also, points like idea presentation and meaningful structure also checked. The clearer would be the writing disclosure; the higher would be the score. 

  1. How grammatically correct your essay is? The essay which has a good and consistent hold over grammar, complex language and syntax is going to get a high score in for sure. 

  1. How good is your general linguistic range? In this section, the evaluator will take note of your language flow and determine whether it is conveying the main idea or not. Also, they will pay attention to language diversity. So, using synonyms and idioms is one way to impress the evaluator. 

  1. How impressive is the essay vocabulary? Using synonyms and idioms is one way to impress the evaluator. Simple, bland, and common vocabulary will not take you ahead. 

  1. How correct spellings are? As it is an English proficiency test, there is no scope of doing spelling mistakes.

Depending upon your mastery in all these seven skills, your essay will be judged. If you want to score big them make sure you showcase the best of your performance in these seven skills.

Be familiar with the essay structure

The next thing that needs your attention is the essay structure. You are going to impress the evaluator only if your essay is a whole body. The three essentials of any essay are:

Introduction: In this section, you need to give an understandable outline of the essay topic. While you are writing your essay, make sure you start with a well put and precise introduction containing the central idea of the essay. Also, it should be well-connected with the other parts of the essay. 

Body part: Body is that part of the essay that contains the main argument related to the essay topic. While you are writing the essay body, make sure you are including the relevant examples. 

Conclusion: This part of the essay contains your final take on the essay topic and it is sort of an easy summary. So, it has to be short yet crisp. 

Polish your skills with mock tests 

No preparation is complete without practice. So, make sure that you are doing enough of practice by using the right PTE Practice Tests. These Practice tests also help you to do effective time management and become aware of real-time exam patterns before the actual D-day. 

Examination day preparation

  • Give yourself 5 minutes to understand the topic and its central idea.

  • Map out a rough essay roadmap and note down a few key points. Weave your essay keeping these key points at the pivot. Make sure all these points are aiming the central idea.

  • To stay in line with the essay key idea, we would suggest you rewrite the general statement given as the topic in your own words.

  • Always try to give a minimum one reason to support your argument.

  • Make sure that you are using the academic English language. The use of jargon and slang can create a blunder.

  • Make sure you are putting any references in the essay. Try to keep it as original work of art.

  • Try to break your essay body in a minimum of two parts. Also, try to start each body with the topic sentence.

  • Never submit the essay before final proofreading and spell-check. Make sure you keep the last 2-3 minutes of the total time for this job only.

Before we wrap up

Cracking PTE essay is a cakewalk if you plan and prepare diligently. The use of mock tests and taking the right study material is going to the best bet on the journey. So, use these tips and crack the PTE exam. You may also utilize the PTE Voucher Code for registering for the exam as it saves you money & comes with good reference material for study.

PTE examination

Know your options after Clearing PTE Examination

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a well-known examination today. It tests English language proficiency for students internationally. Within a short span of time, PTE examination test became a perfect way of analyzing the language skill of the aspirants.

Have you cleared the PTE Examination or thinking to appear in it?

In both cases, you must be willing to know what choices or paths are available for you after it. Aren’t you?

So, we have made a quick list of the options which open for you after you clear the PTE examination:

Visa Approval

PTE is the only computer-based examination worldwide which is conducted online. This is the reason for which it has an authentic measurement of scores. The marks obtained in the PTE examination helps the candidate to get selected for higher studies in foreign countries. It also helps in getting visa applications approved and various job opportunities are open in foreign countries.

You can apply in numerous countries for higher studies, without wasting your time.

The PTE examination provides its aspirants with quick results. The candidates receive their results in a period of five business days. Therefore, they do not have to waste their valuable time to apply for a number of important courses in foreign reputed universities.

Access to more than 6000 Organizations

The PTE examination is accepted worldwide by all the recognized universities all over the world. Their scores are accepted in more than 6000 organizations globally. These organizations include all the educational institutes, immigration agencies, government, and employment in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Get Admission in World’s Best MBA Programs

All these language proficiency tests like the TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE gives the best opportunities to students who want to acquire the best MBA programs across the globe. But now it has been observed that PTE test scores are given more weight than any other proficiency test for these MBA programs. So, PTE scores will help you to get admission in your dream MBA institute worldwide.

Helps in Personality Development and hence, helps you in fetching better jobs

The PTE Academic examination not only for professional reasons but for the general improvement of English speaking skills this test is very helpful. This examination gives the opportunity to its aspirants to develop their personal speaking skills and also gain confidence in acquiring English language skills. Even if they are not going abroad but they would not ever be rejected by Indian organizations too.

Why the PTE Academic Test?

The exam is highly reliable as the scores obtained in the PTE examination are assessed by intelligent machines. These marks are not at all biased and are not doubted by any organization and you can use them gracefully for a brighter future. So, every admission cell is definitely going to trust your English proficiency is you took this test.

Need assistance in PTE examination scheduling or preparation?