PTE Reading Test: Tips and Techniques – Part 2


07 Jan, 2020

Re-order paragraphs

What is the task?

There will be a passage that has been divided into separate sentences. The sentences will be presented in the wrong order on the screen/page. Your task is to put them into the correct order. There will be 2-3 such tasks. The purpose of the task is to test your ability to comprehend through reading and to connect information in a logical manner.

Tips and Techniques

a. Read each sentence carefully.

b. Once you have read all the sentences, try to figure out what the passage is about i.e. the topic.

c. Every passage has a structure – each idea in the passage will be connected in a way that the reader gets all the information about the topic in an order that makes sense.

d. In order to find the correct order of the sentences in the task, you must be able to put them together in a structure. This will be a useful structure to follow:

  • The sentence which introduces the issue/problem/phenomenon will be the first sentence.
    • ‘Introduce’ means to give the first information the reader needs in order to know what is going to be talked about.
  • Each following sentence will be connected to the previous sentence. This connection could be through:
    • The use of specific words – e.g. “therefore” would imply that what is being said is a consequence of the previous information; “for example” would imply that what is being said is an example to explain the previous information.
    • The continuation of the same idea from one sentence to the next.
  • Using the structure you will be able to identify how the sentences are connected. Re-order them accordingly, to complete the task.

e. An essential element of this task is vocabulary – refer to the general tips and techniques to help you work on your vocabulary.