IELTS Special Arrangements: Resources, Links, and Instructions


13 Jan, 2020

The IELTS offers a number of different testing accommodations, depending on the test-taker’s documented disability or learning difficulties. The full range of commonly-offered accommodations are listed in brief on the official IELTS Special Arrangements page. For an even more detailed description of these IELTS special arrangements, go to the Special Requirements portal.

What do I need to apply for IELTS accommodations?

If you plan to apply for accommodations, make sure to apply early. It takes up to 12 weeks for the IELTS to review your request, make a decision, and arrange for accommodations. To apply for accommodations, you’ll need an official medical report that is less than two years old and includes the following:

  • The opinion of a fully qualified physician or other appropriate medical professional
  • Details on the nature of the disability
  • Details about the degree of the disability
  • An accounting of the type of medical testing or screening used to document the disability

(These details are also listed on this official IELTS web page.)

Possible IELTS Special Arrangements

Possible accommodations for learning difficulties include:

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  • Large print test booklets, answer sheets, etc.
  • Braille
  • A human assistant to help write answers
  • Hearing aid equipment
  • Lip-reading visuals to accompany the IELTS Listening section
  • A word processor
  • Extended testing time (IELTS Reading and IELTS Writing sections only)

Where do I apply for IELTS special arrangements?

There is no central contact for requesting IELTS accommodations. Instead, your point of contact will be the test center where you plan to take the test. To locate your test center, use’s test center location service. Your test center will give you any additional info you need about requesting accommodations for learning difficulties.

How to use Magoosh to simulate IELTS accommodations

You can add extra time to your practice tests on Magoosh. First go to the Account tab on the upper right and choose Profile:

Simulate IELTS accommodations on Magoosh profile - magoosh

Then select the green Edit Account Information button on the bottom left:

Edit Magoosh account to simulate IELTS accommodations - magoosh

And then select the time change you want:

Edit Magoosh account to simulate IELTS accommodations - magoosh

For more registration information, check out our posts on registering for the IELTS.