5 Reasons Why to Take Up the PTE Exam


13 Dec, 2019

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) conducted by Pearson PLC group, assesses the English knowledge and capability of non native English users in the form of two tests namely PTE Academic Exam and PTE General Exam.

To take the multi-level test PTE exam, registration and further proceedings happen in the official website of Pearson.

One of the prominent names when it comes to open entrance exam, PTE is being taken up by increasing number careerist individuals over time. However, its common for aspirants to find it difficult to pick PTE over other existing open entrance exams.

As a remedy, here is stating five genuine reasons why PTE is an ideal exam pick when it comes to proving ones English proficiency and seeking a career abroad:

a) Fastest score delivery

The PTE exam is known for its fastest score delivery within five working days from the date of exam. In fact, PTE test takers confirm receiving their score within two days also. Hence, the total time to take the PTE test from registration, exam and receiving the score card is fast – making PTE exam standout from other common entrance exams. This is one of the sound reasons and noteworthy factor why students should opt for PTE exam.

b) Automated machine scoring pattern

In the PTE exam, there is no human examiner. The entire PTE exam is machine scored, which makes it accurate and objective. Every question of PTE exam has two outcome – either correct or incorrect. Students are marked by automated machine format, which definitely makes the score candidates receive at the end of PTE test genuine and non-subjective.

c) Innovative Speaking test format

Usually all English assessing entrance exams have a Speaking section where human examiners directly communicate with candidates for testing and scoring. For PTE exam, the Speaking test is conducted by recording the voice of the student who is expected to deliver content depending on the questions stated in the PTE Speaking section. This makes the PTE test more comfortable specially for students who are shy and timid in nature.

d) Acceptance of PTE score

Since emergence in 2009, by far the PTE score is accepted by 6000 organizations including popular names like Stanford Graduate School, Yale, London Business School and so on. Also, when it comes to visa application for Australian government and UK border agency, the PTE score is valid. Therefore, as the number of organizations or institutes are rising who accept PTE score, the scope for PTE test takers is also expanding.

e) PTE test dates and venues

The PTE test is conducted over 200 locations across the globe in more than 360 days of a year. This definitely makes taking the PTE test easy, flexible and available. PTE test takers have a greater scope of taking the test in convenience to their respective time and location.